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Lucky October 21, 2005

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Today I was fortunate enough to receive an email informing me that today was my lucky day. Apparently, I’m the chosen one (at least at that moment). I had signed up to receive an invite to WordPress.com some time ago, and as was the case when I was trying everything I could to get a Gmail invite back when that service was first opening its doors, I figured I didn’t have much of a shot of actually getting an invite before the time when WordPress.com would fully open itself to the public. See, for a Gmail account, even after spending however many hours playing those silly random number games to see if I would be chosen, I had to go to the desperate measures of buying an invite off of eBay. Woah.

Somehow, though, my luck has changed! For I have received that elusive WordPress.com invite, and here I am, tinkering with the latest and greatest in WordPress development. It’s very impressive, too, I might add.

One thing does bother me with the timing of the invite, and a certain suggestion that was included in that special email. The email states: “While you’re on a string of good luck it might be a good day to buy a lottery ticket.” This perturbs me because two days ago was the drawing for the $340 million dollar Powerball lottery that’s played in 27 states. Now, forgive me for seeming pessimistic, but it’s just my [bad] luck that my good luck would come two days after when I could have really used some good luck. Who am I kidding, I never win anything anyway. Oh, except for a wonderful invite to WordPress.com! 😉



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